Virgen del Carmen Festivities in El Campello

Program of Festivities 2016

Local festivities with a sea flavor in honor of the 'Virgen del Carmen' in El Campello. Multiple activities for the whole family. Do not miss the sea procession and the fireworks ...See you there!
 Virgen del Carmen  Festivities in El Campello
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 07/07/2016
    • Ends: 17/07/2016

From 7th to 15th July:

7.00pm, Ermita del Carmen (Virgen del Carmen Chapel). Rosary Novena for the Virgen del Carmen and Holy Mass.

Saturday 9th July:

8.30pm, Ermita del Carmen (Virgen del Carmen Chapel). Choir Concert Seniors Association of El Campello, conducted by Hector Giner.

wednesday 13th July:

7.00pm, decoration of the San Pedro Street by the neighbours and everyone who would like to collaborate.

Thursday 14th July:

9.00am, Playa Carrerlamar (Carrerlamar Beach), Clot de l’Illot tracks: French bowling tournament organized by the Seniors Association of El Campello. (Still pending)

4.00pm, Playa Carrerlamar (Carrerlamar Beach), Clot de l’Illot tracks .French bowling tournament organized by the French bowling Club of El Campello. (Still pending)

8.30pm, Ermita del Carmen: Concert by Orquesta Pulse and Pua Batiste Mut, conducted by Jose Antonio Pastor Ruiz.

From 8.00 to 10.00pm, Paseo Marítimo: Batucada with KILOMBO KILOMBE, several rounds.

10.30pm, Plaza del Carmen (Carmen square): Fiestas opening speech by LUIS LARRODERA and comic spectacle with monologues by FÉLIX EL GATO, EL PECHUGA (J.J. Beviá) and TONI RODRÍGUEZ.

11.30pm, Alborada and fireworks display, Playa Carrerlamar (Punta del Río beach).

12.00am, Plaza del Carmen (Carmen square): Music party with DJ until 4.00am.


Friday 15th July:

11.00am, Plaza del Carmen (Carmen square): Aquatic Park for kids.

6.00pm, Calle de San Pedro (San Pedro Street): "Pilota Valenciana" demonstration by the Municipal school of pilots of Campello, and display by players of the Pilot Club El Campello.

7.00pm, Paseo Marítimo: Animation children theatre called ‘’LA GRAN FESTA’’ (‘THE BIGGEST PARTY’).

From 8.00 to 10.00pm, Paseo Marítimo: Batucada with MORAKATÁ and pasacalle with ELS NANOS I GEGANTS DE SALPASSA and LA COLLA DE DOLÇAINERS I TABALETERS LARRAIX, several rounds.

8.15pm Parade all along the Seafront by the Seniors Citizens from La Penyeta to Monumento al Pescador

8.30pm Ermita del Carmen (Virgen del Carmen Chapel): Performance by Coral Casino Aggrupation of Campello.

10.00pm Plaza del Carmen (Carmen square): Performance MUSICAL ABBA (Memory Tours 77-80), with 17 artists on the stage.

12.30pm Plaza del Carmen (Carmen square): Music party with DJ until 4.00am.


Saturday 16th July (Organized events in collaboration with the Cofradía de Pescadores)

10.30am, Ermita (Avenida Carrerlamar), Paseo Marítimo, Puerto Pesquero: Transfer of the Virgin  from the Hermitage to the Port.

11.30am, Muelle Pesquero Lonja del Pescado -Fish Auction Building-: Mass campaign. Performance of the Casino Coral Aggrupationof Campello.

12.30pm, Puerto Pesquero Lonja del Pescado:Transfer of the Virgin to the boat that will carry her image during the seafaring procession.

7.00pm,  Avda. Carrerlamar, San Pedro, Pizarro, Paseo Marítimo San Vicente, Alcalde, San Pedro, Avda. Carrerlamar and Ermita. Offering of flowers to the Virgin del Carmen with the company of Colla Larraix.

8.15pm, from the Hermitage to Fishing Port: Pasacalle with the company of Colla Larraix.

9.00pmHarbour and Playa Carrerlamar. Seafaring Procession of the Virgin del Carmen, accompanied by numerous boats that will cross along El Campello bay.

10.00pm, Fishing Port- LonjadelPescado, Harbour to Hermitage: Procession of the Virgen del Carmen to the Hermitage. Inside the chapel, when Choir Seniors Association of El Campello will sing the "Salve Marinera” to the Virgin.

-Afterwards,  from the first breakwater of Seco river, Pyro digital and semi-aquatic fireworks, fired by Vicente Caballer SA Pyrotechnics. The spectacle can be seen from the entire Paseo Marítimo (Seafront).

12.00am, Plaza del Carmen (Carmen square): ‘’LA NOCHE DE LOS 80-90’’(‘THE NIGHT OF THE 80S AND 90S’) with a live concert by the group REINICIADOS, with big standards and international and national themes of 80s and 90s year, and finally, Music party with DJ NIETO DMIX and FELE CON L and their show ‘’New remember’’ until 4.00 am.

Sunday 17th July

9.00pm, Plaza del Carmen (Carmen square): Performance of Ballet by Jessica Fabra and her dance school. 

Saturday 23rd July

8.30pm, Ermita del Carmen (Hermitage): Concert by Agrupación Coral Casino El Campello


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