Festivity of Moors and Christians of El Campello

Festivity of Moors and Christians of El Campello
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  • Dates:
    • Starts: 06/10/2016
    • Ends: 15/10/2016

Moors and Christians Fiestas, El Campello 2016


 6th and 7th of October.

From 18:00h Open days for visiting the Festival Castle, by the Town Hall (Saint Christol lez Alès Sqr.)

Saturday, 8th of October

17:00h Opening of the Medieval Market (Plaza de la Constitución and sourranding streets) 
19:45h Music of “Dolçaines” (traditional music)
24:00h "Correfocs" with "Colles de Dimonis" and "Tabaleters Larraix" (Running of the 'Fire Demons'). Firecracker Finale, Avenida Generalitat.

Sunday, 9th of October"Comunidad Valenciana Day"
11:30h. Children's Christians-Moors Parade from Calle Dr. Fleming to the  festival castle.Children's re-enactment of the Conquest of Valencia by Jaume I at the festival castle.
11:45h Parade with the "Penó de Conquesta" - Conquest Flag-
13.00h.Popular Dances and traditional "Mocadorá de Sant Dionís" (traditional presents),  at Calle Pal.

Tuesday, 11th of October

18.00hInstallation of the Moor and Christians' camp on Carrer la Mar beach.
23.30hOfficial opening speeches of the festival. 
24:00h 'Salve y Albades' (traditional musical homage) to the patron of Valencia, Our Lady of the “Desemparats”, Plaza Canalejas.

Wednesday, 12th of October 
Re-enactment of the Moors-Christians Battle at the beach.
07:00h Sighting of the Moors' fleet and lighting of the warning fires in La Illeta watchtower. Warning cavalcade by Christian riders and sounding the bells to alert the citizens. Moors' raid of the Christians' camp with 'arcabucería' (musket firing).
07:30h Moors embarcation at the harbour.
07:45h Navy bombardment and defence with Christian artillery.
08:00h Saracen landing with 'arcabucería' at Carrer de la Mar beach.
08:15h Arrival of the Christian Captains with their troops. Christian defence with bombardment from the "Penyeta".
08:30h Moors landing on the beach.
08:45h Battle between both armies.
09:15h Embajada (Negotiations between the armies) in La Illeta watchtower with 'arcabucería' (musket firing).   Followed by marching bands from the foot of the tower to the festival castle, Plaza Saint Christol lez Alès (by the Twon Hall) .
17:30hMoors and Christians marching bands from the festival castle via Avenida Generalitat.
19.00h Spectacular Christians-Moors Parade all along Avenida Generalitat.

Thursday, 13th of October,  "2nd ENTRY"
08.30h Alardo (musket battle through the streets by the Moors-Christians with muskets firing) – finishes at the festival castle.
09:00h Musical 'reveille' through the streets of the town.
11:30h Embajada – (Moors enter negotiations)  at the festival castle, by the Town Hall (Saint Christol lèz Alès Sqr.)
19:00h Moors-Christians parade via Avenida Generalitat.
24.00h Musical parade through the city centre.

Friday, 14th of October,"RETRETA"

08:30h Alardo.  (musket battle through the streets by the Moors-Christians with muskets firing – finishes at the festival castle.
09:00h Musical 'reveille' through the streets of the town.
11:30h Embajada – (Christians enter negotiations at the festival castle), followed by an informal procession. 
20:00h RETRETA (costume parade that satirises or parodies current issues) via Avenida Generalitat.

Saturday, 15th of October
08:00h. Reveille and Bell ringing to signal the liberation/reconquest of the village of El Campello.
11:00h Holy Mass in the Parish Church of Santa Teresa, Plaza Canalejas.
12:00h. Flower offering to Our Lady of the “Desemparats”, via Calle Pal.
14:00h. Mascletà (noisy firecrackers) in honour of Saint Theresa.   Avenida Ausías March in the general area of the marketplace.  
20:00h. Solemn procession from Plaza Canalejas followed by Firework display  (Avenida Ausías March in the general area of the marketplace).  Afterwards, Presentation and exchange of flags for next year's celebrations. 

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