Festivities in honor of Virgen del Carmen in El Campello

Program 2018

The "Virgen del Carmen" (Our Lady of Mount Carmel), the saint patron of fishermen, is one of the most important fiestas in El Campello. A great many events, shows, games, “mascletaes” (fire and sound),... begin in July up to the 16th of July, which is a local holiday, during which the most emotive events take place such as the fishermen’s procession and the transfer of the virgin to her chapel where the ’Salve Marinera’ is sung to her. This fiesta finishes with a huge fireworks show.
Festivities in honor of Virgen del Carmen in El Campello
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Edition: 2018
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 06/07/2018
    • Ends: 16/07/2018

From 6th to 14th  of July

7:00 pm (Hermitage of the Virgin del Carmen): Rosary, Novena of the Virgin del Carmen and Holy mass.

On Saturday, 7th of July.

8.30 a.m. (Clot de L'Illot): "Virgin del Carmen" petanque trophy organized by the Association of Elderly of the Campello.

7.30 pm (San Pedro street ):   Neighbors decorate the San Pedro Street

8.00 pm (Casa de Cultura): Concert by "Alborada" Choir  of the Association of Mayores, directed by Héctor Giner.

On Sunday, 8th of July

9.00 pm (Hermitage of the Virgin del Carmen): Concert by the Orchestra of Pulse and Púa Batiste Mut, directed by José Antonio Pastor Ruiz.

On Friday, 13th of July.

9:00 pm: Switched onof artistic lighting. Parade in charge of the Muixeranga de El Campello raising several "figures", accompanied by dolçaina i tabal in the seafront of Carrer la Mar.

10:00 pm (Fish Market-Lonja-):  Big show to celebrate the fiesta begins:

 - brief staging of the origins of El Campello by the theater group Espacio Inspira.

- Delivery of the Prize to the winner of the II Official Poster Contest of the Fiestas Virgen del Carmen 2018.

- Mayor's words to start the festivities.

10.30 p.m. (from the Beach of Clot de l'Illot): Fireworks show.

 10.45 p.m. (Fish Market - Lonja): Great show "ENJOY LINDY SOP MUSIC "by the BIG BAND TALLER DE SEDAJAZZ, with 17 musicians and 3 singers on stage and the special collaboration of the Lindy Hop Dance Group Spirit of Saint Louis Alicante.

00.30 a.m. (Fish Market - Lonja):  Music open air with DJ until 03.00 h.

On Saturday, 14th of July.

From 11.00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Seafront Carrer la Mar):

A little train that offer rides to families on the road of the seafront , with departures from Heladería Mira, near the Harbor.

From 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (from Restaurant "Seis Perlas", along the promenade, to Fish Market): II Meeting of "MUIXERANGUES AT SEA".

*Muixeranga means set of dances and human towers from the Valencian Community”

Display of 5 figures from 5 cities (Torrent, València, Sueca, El Corball de L'Alacantí and El Campello), with accompaniment of Colla Larraix and Colla de Nanos i Gegants de Salpassa, with Final Exhibition, between 8:00 pm and 9:30 pm, on the shore of the Clot de l'Illot, next to the Fish Market-Harbor-.

10.30 p.m. to 00.00 a.m. (Fish Market- Lonja):

Performance by the band THE KINDS, with music of the 60s and 70s.

24.00 hours (Fish Market- Lonja): Hip Hop exhibition a load of the local group

Discordia, with Ciscurone, Coba, Dorsi and Jeso.

01.00 a.m. (Fish Market - Lonja): Music open air with DJ until 04.00.


On Sunday, 15th of July.

From 09:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (land in front of El Barranquet Social Center):

III Open de Petanque Virgen del Carmen, organized by the Petanque Club Costa Blanca-El Campello.

From 11.00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Fish Market - Lonja):

Children's aquatic games park.

6.30 pm (San Pedro Street):

Exhibition of pilota valenciana by the Club de Pilota El Campello.

*Pilota valenciana means traditional sport where two teams compete by throwing a ball, hitting it with a bare hand or with light protections.

From 06.30 to 06.45 p.m. (From San Pedro Street and Seafront, finish in the rock “la peñeta”):

Musical parade by Colla de Dolçainers i Tabaleters Larraix.

*Tradicional music from Comunidad Valenciana with Dolçaines (Dolçaina is part of the oboes' family) and drums.

From 6:45 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. (from the rock “La Peñeta” to the Fisherman's Monument):

Parade of the Association of Seniors, accompanied by the Colla de Dolçainers i Tabaleters Larraix from La Peñeta to the Fisherman's Monument.

From 7:15 to 7:45 p.m. (Restaurant "Seis Perlas", in front of the Fisherman's Monument):

Offering of Flowers by the Association of Elders, with the accompaniment of their Coral "Alborada".

8:00 p.m to 8:15 p.m. (from the south area of ​​the Promenade to the Restaurant

"Seis perlas"): Parade with the company MADUIXA and its street performance

itinerant "MEGÀNIMALS" advising and collecting those who want to participate in the costume parade that will start next.

From 8:15 pm to 9:45 pm (from the "Seis Perlas" Restaurant to the Fish Market-Harbor-):

Children's costume parade led by the MADUIXA company and its show

traveling street "MEGÀNIMALS". Snack on the Fish Market for children who have participated.

10:00 pm (from the Hermitage of Carmen):

Pilgrimage and transfer of the Virgin of the Carmen from the Hermitage to the promenade and walk along the seashore to the Pier Pesquero (Lonja), with a brief performance by the Coral Casino of El Campello at the arrival of the Virgin.

11.15 hours (from San Pedro Street - "Tasca Marinera" - to Calle San


Children's Correfocs in charge of the Colla de Dimonis of El Campello.

*Correfocs means (more or less) street parade where people play with fireworks.

11.30 hours (from San Pedro Street to the Fisherman's Monument):

Correfocs a charge of the Colla de Dimonis del Campello, with a spectacular finale.

00.30 to 01.30 a.m. (Fish Market - Lonja): Performance of the group AFTERMIDNIGHT, soul and funk.

01.30 a.m. (Fish Market - Lonja): Music open air with DJ until 04.00 h.


On Monday, 16th of July.

From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (Seafront Carrer la Mar and around):

Musical parade to weak up everybody.

11.30 a.m. (Fish Market - Lonja):

Campaign Mass. Sing Coral Grouping Casino of El Campello.

12.30 p.m. (Harbor - Lonja): Transfer of the Virgin, accompanying the

*charanga, to the boat that will carry it during the Procession by the Sea.

*Charanga or fanfare is a small group of musicians with wind instruments and percussion

7:00 p.m (from the Hermitage of Virgin El Carmen, Sant Pere Street, Pizarro, Seafront, Sant Pere, Avda. Carrerlamar and Hermitage):

 Flower offering withaccompaniment of the Music Band of L'Avanç i la Colla Larraix.

8.00 p.m. (from the Hermitage to the Fishing Port):

Parade with accompaniment of the Colla Larraix.

8.30 hours (from the Fishing Port by the sea - Playa Carrerlamar):

Procession by the Sea of the Virgin del Carmen, accompanied by numerous boats that they will cross the Bay of El Campello.

10.00 p.m (from the Fishing Port - Lonja, Sant Pere, Avda. Carrerlamar to the Hermitage): Procession of the Virgin del Carmen.

When finished, entering the Virgin to the Hermitage, will play the Band of L'Avanç and, already inside, the Coral "Alborada" of the Association of Elderly of El Campello will sing the 'Salve marinera'.

Next (from the mouth of the Seco River and first breakwater):

Fireworks show. The show can be seen from all the Seafront.



On Saturday, 21st of July

9:00 pm (Hermitage of Virgin del Carmen):

Summer Concert "A journey around the world ", by the Coral Casino Group of El Campello in honor of the Virgin El Carmen, with Francisco López Segura (piano) and under the direction of José Tomás Moñinos.

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