Shopping in Dénia on Saint Valentin's Day

Shopping in Dénia on Saint Valentin's Day
  • Actividades de ocio
  • Type: Otros
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 06/02/2014
    • Ends: 23/02/2014

Shopping in Dénia on Saint Valentin's Day

If you spend over 20 euros in any participating store you'll receive a free entry into a romantic dinner draw.





Restaurants offering the romantic dinner (menu draw designed by restaurants):

  • La Cova Tallà,
  • El Cantó,
  • La Llauradora de Loreto,
  • La Quintería,
  • Ca Pepa Teresa y
  • La Seu



  • COSAS DE MALÚ    Mercado Municipal
  • STRENDY    Carlos Sentí, 27
  • A LA PAR    Carlos Sentí, 16
  • EL TELAR    Carlos Sentí, 25
  • SHANTÚ    Diana, 7
  • YIREH HOGAR Pda. Madrigueres Sud, 8
  • DELICES    Mercado Municipal
  • JOYERÍA BONILLA    Diana, 14
  • ARGENT    Magallanes, 2
  • CHARMING (Moda)   Quevedo, 16
  • CAFETERIA MAGALLANES    Mercado Municipal
  • NANANU KIDS    Cándida Carbonell, 14

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