Winter Festivals that You Cannot Miss in the Comunitat Valenciana

Publishing date 27/11/2017

In the Comunitat Valenciana, not only you can enjoy splendid beaches and have fun during the summer. In winter, this region offers a variety of unique and spectacular traditional festivals that will surprise every visitor.
Winter Festivals that You Cannot Miss in the Comunitat Valenciana

Here, we are going to tell you about five festivities of tourist interest in the Comunitat Valenciana that you can not miss this winter:



We cannot start with another celebration, Christmas is one of the preferred festivities by young and old. In the Comunitat Valenciana, there are several outstanding events during this period, two of the most interesting being Betlem de la Pigá in Castellón and Betlem de Tirisiti in Alcoy (Alicante).


The latter has been celebrated for more than 100 years. The lead characters are some lovely puppets controlled from below the stage. Among the marionettes are classic and traditional figures, but also much more creative and newer ones and the ones typical from Alcoy that will make you laugh with their jokes and satire.


Without any doubt, this is one of the most relevant Christmas events in the Region, not in vain it has been declared an Intangible Good of Cultural Interest by the Generalitat Valenciana.



The Day of the Holy Innocents is celebrated annually on the 28th of December. Although in the past it fell into oblivion, it seems that the Day of the Holy Innocents is currently retaking its strength.


To summarise it in one sentence, it is a "crazy people" festivity in which a few phonies become owners, for a day, of the town hall and the town itself. If you are somewhere in the Comunitat Valenciana do not be surprised to attend rites and burlesque acts or even be fined for any nonsense, yes, everything is carried out with humour and just for fun.


The places that celebrate Holy Innocents the most are Jalance, Sellent, Segorde, Real de Gandia and especially Ibi, where there is also another exciting event: "Los Enfarinats", a pitched battle whose only weapon is flour (yes, the whole town turns white, spectators included).



On the 30th of December in Valencia, there is an unmissable event: the New Year's Concert, which takes place in the beautiful Palau de la Música. Keep in mind that this is one of the most famous musical events of the year, so you know: if you want to attend, book tickets in advance. The Christmas atmosphere in this incredible venue and the quality of the musicians deserve it.



We could not forget one of the most traditional festivals of our region, and the most expected by the little ones in the house. On the afternoon of the 5th of January, all Valencian children go to see the Three Wise Men. We recommend you two sites if you want to attend a beautiful Cavalcade of Kings: Alcoy and Valencia.


The Kings Cavalcade of Alcoy is nothing more and nothing less than the oldest in Spain. The Three Kings travel the city on their camels until they reach the Plaza de España, where they meet baby Jesus and gift him gold, incense, and myrrh. But these are not the only gifts bestowed: all children will return home with handfuls of sweets, as tradition dictates.


The Kings Cavalcade of Valencia gains more importance and spectacularity every year. It counts on dozens of lavish floats, live music, "Giants and Big-Heads" parades and an astonishing pyromusical shows.



Without a doubt the queen of the Comunitat Valenciana celebrations, the Fallas are marked on the calendar in huge letters by all Valencians and expected throughout the year.


They begin on the 15th of March with the Plantà, the moment when the artists finally take their Fallas out of the workshop, where they have been working for a whole year. They finish on the 19th of March, with the Cremà, when all these impressive works of art are burned. It is an enormously sentimental and sad act for the Fallas, but from the ashes of these monuments, a new cycle begins; that of the preparation of the following Fallas.


Another critical moment of the Fallas is the Mascletá: a pyromusical show during which thousands of firecrackers are fired, the more noise, the better (you know, Valencians love fire and music!). The Mascletá takes place every day from the 1st of March until the 19th at 2:00 pm in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.


But the Fallas is not just this. They are music, fire, laughter, tears, art, and passion. It is one of the festivities that you must live at least once in your lifetime and for that, they deserve a separate article.

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