“Veracedario”, live the Summer from A to Z in the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 10/06/2019

Summer is just around the corner, and it is an excellent time to have a look at everything that awaits for you during the summer holidays in the Region of Valencia.
“Veracedario”, live the Summer from A to Z in the Region of Valencia

There are many reasons to spend the summer with us, so many that it was just impossible to collect them all in a post with less than 300 words. That’s why we have summarized this year the ones that best define us in the first “Veracedario del Mediterráneo en Vivo”, which covers 27 letters.


From next June 1, we will share a new proposal every day in our social media profiles to live a perfect summer from A to Z. From the Blue colour of the 135 flags of our best beaches to the of our boats “Zarpando” (set sailing), plus the Mediterranean valued customs like the “Sobremesa” (after- dinner conversation), the “Verbenas” (open-air dance) or the “Nit de Sant Joan” in Alicante.


The Region of Valencia has everything to offer. An exceptional gastronomy (Paella, “Xufa”, Ice cream...), a landscape full of small Mediterranean jewels such as the Tabarca and Columbretes Islands, the dunes at the beach, sand, rock, pebbles, mountains and natural parks or world famous festivals such as La Tomatina, including the Q Commitment of Tourist Quality.


You’ll get everything in our “Veracedario del Mediterráneo en Vivo”: Big Music FestivalsMindful Travelbeach bars, nautical sports like Kitesurf and even your new “Espardenyes” (Espadrilles).


This action is open to the contributions of all the followers and visitors of the Region of Valencia. Share your proposals with us, there are as many “veracedarios” as people visit us on these dates. You decide which letter you want for the summer to start. 

Other details: Comunitat Valenciana

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