Terres dels Alforins: A proposal of wine tourism in Valencia

Did you know that in the Region of Valencia you can also find a Toscana? Yes, it is the Toscana of Valencia, where you will dive into an amazing wine touristic trip, to discover Terres dels Alforins, where the landscapes, the history and the vineyards will make of this a very special experience.
Terres dels Alforins: A proposal of wine tourism in Valencia

It is located between the regions of La Costera y la Vall d'Albaida. It will become a wonderful experience when you walk along the fields and wander among the masias full of green and ochre colours, depending on the season of the year, with the Sierras Grossa and Enguera like back stage.


The real aim when you have a break in Terres dels Alforins is to relax, enjoying the landscapes and the gastronomy. You can also rent a bike and visit the villages of the zone or do some hiking route if you are more adventurous, around The Bosquet, which offers some natural surroundings with varied activities of active tourism.


For the lovers of History, a visit to the Iberian Village of the Bastida de les Alcusses will make them more than happy, in addition to having some incredible sights from the hill of Les Alcusses. They will also have the opportunity to visit the Tower of Els Coloms, high up in the Serradeta of the Bosquet, with its defensive past.


Definitely, an indispensable visit in the Toscana in Valencia is any of the eleven cellars which make part of the Association Terres dels Alforins in the populations of La Font de la Figuera, Moixent and Fontanars dels Alforins, where you will be able to know thoroughly the wine culture and, why not, taste some of its famous wines.


These three populations gather one of the most beautiful touristic offers of the Region of Valencia.


Without these vineyards, the Toscana of Valencia could not exist. In Terres dels Alforins they pay attention to show wines of the zone and, thus, recovering varieties of grape which had been lost. They organise annually the “Mostra de Vins de les Terres dels Alforins”, displaying all the wines from the season. This event has the participation of a dozen cellars from the zone, where the wine, the gastronomy, the music and other cultural activities are the main characters of the day.


You cannot miss the typical gastronomy of the zone which will come with the local wines. The ingredients go from the farm to the table, and most of them are produced on a sustainable way.


As you have already checked, in Terres dels Alforins you will have the opportunity to enjoy some very complete days with a lot of activities for all the family. This rural placement is perfect to disconnect from the stress of our daily routine, and what about staying in a farm from the 18th century with views over the vineyards? A real delight. 

If you visit this wonderful region, you cannot miss this wine touristic trip by the Toscana of Valencia to discover Terres dels Alforins. Discover this wonderful landscape full of the wine.

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