In search of snow in the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 11/01/2018

You will fall in love with the Region of Valencia by the pleasant temperatures; but in January and February, there are places where you can enjoy the snow, as when you were a child.
In search of snow in the Region of Valencia

Before further reading, let us give you a piece of advice. Snow in the Region of Valencia does not fall very frequently, so check the weather forecast at weather forecast in the Region of Valencia before starting the journey.


Here are some municipalities that you should visit if the objective is to go find the snow this winter. Fun is waiting for us, towns with a lot of charm and an exceptional gastronomy to regain strength.


Inner part of the province of Castellón

During the cold winter months, snow may fall in the north of the province of Castellón. Morella, it is one of the most beautiful medieval fortified towns in Spain, and with an excellent cuisine. It is the ideal destination if you are looking for some fun in the snow and you want to enjoy mountain landscapes, forests and a great value heritage. The Castle of Morella with snow deserves a souvenir photo.

Barracas, it is one of the main destinations if we are looking for snow. It gives us the opportunity to spend a great day in family, admiring beautiful landscapes, exploring its beautiful old town and tasting delicious dishes of spoon.

For the more daring and active, do not miss the opportunity to see the Penyagolosa under the snow, a real wonder.


Inner part of the province of Valencia

In the province of Valencia, you will find landscapes with snow in the region of Rincón de Ademuz. It is one of the most beautiful rural landscapes in the Region of Valencia, located between the provinces of Cuenca and Albacete and crossed by the river Turia. In Ademuz, you cannot skip the visit to the ruins of the castle, the old town and the parish church of San Pedro y San Pablo; but without a doubt, the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Huerta stands out as a jewel of the artistic heritage of Valencia.

Bocairent, it is a village excavated on the rock, and under the snow, it is impressive. Its ancient city-center has been declared as historic-artistic site, les Covetes del Moros hanging in the middle of a rocky cliff, the cellars or the snowfields… There is so much to discover that you are going to feel your visit is not long enough.


Inner part of the province of Alicante

For those who are looking for snow in the province of Alicante, there are many places to visit: the Vall de la Gallinera, Vall d'Alcalà, la Vall d'Ebo or La Vall de Laguar. The municipalities that are part of Pego i les Valls have a wonderful and beautiful landscape, they are perfect for hiking and, when the weather allows for it, the snow makes them lovely spots.

You can also find in Alicante snowy landscapes in the Sierra de Mariola, one of the mountain chains more deeply rooted in the scenery of the Region of Valencia. Towns such as Alcoy, Cocentaina and Agres, among others, will be covered in white leaving a beautiful picture. Here, as in any other destinations, you should check the existence of snow before travelling.


This is all about the review of areas where to find snow in the Region of Valencia. A perfect winter and full of fun.

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