Safari and Animal Reserves in Alicante

Publishing date 15/06/2018

Animal lovers can choose where to watch them up close in Alicante. There are a few leisure parks and zoos scattered around the province of the Costa Blanca; their particular characteristics make them unique, suitable for all tastes and adapted to all ages. Terra Natura, Mundomar, or the Safaris Aitana and Río Elche are ideal to visit with your family. You can discover the best fauna of the Region of Valencia.
Safari and Animal Reserves in Alicante

Although all of them are highly recommended, if we must highlight a zoo in Alicante, that would be Terra Natura. Right next to the amusement park Terra Mítica, this open-air zoo of Benidorm allows the visitor to observe and make contact with animals in designed spaces that recreate the habitat of each of the species through invisible barriers.

Terra Natura houses more than 1,500 animals of more than two hundred species distributed by thematic areas that take the name of the continents without leaving the site: America, Europe, and Asia. Throughout and over more than 320,000 square meters, the visitor lives a unique experience, where you can also enjoy live entertainment or eat in one of the many restaurants distributed throughout the park.

Without leaving Benidorm, the traveller can visit Mundomar. A park filled with marine and exotic animals that delight children and adults alike. It has a dolphinarium where one can swim with these mammals. In its facilities, there are seals, sea lions, penguins or birds like parrots, and reptiles like snakes.

Like an African safari

In the region of L'Alcoià, the traveller and his family can enjoy a day full of sensorial emotions in the Safari Aitana, a reserve for wild animals from five continents. With more than a million and a half square meters of extension located next to the municipality of Penáguila, it is the only safari in the Region accessible by car. The animals can be seen in semi-freedom, similarly to their natural habitat.

The visit to the Safari Aitana, which can be guided or entirely free, guarantees the safety of the visitor while enjoying a tour watching animals walking, feeding or resting. There are species such as lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, hippos, ostriches, zebras, buffalos, bison, llamas, wolves, jaguars, etc. There is no time for boredom.

Another animal park to take into account in the province of Alicante is Rio Safari de Elche. Considered one of the most advanced conservation centres in Europe, more than a hundred different species of animals coexist in its facilities.

Species in danger of extinction

One aspect that must be taken into account is the conservation work of endangered species carried out by Rio Safari. They collaborate with other homologous centres in the Old Continent to care for the most persecuted specimens in captivity. Primates and other apes abound in this enclosure.

In the capital of Alicante, there are no zoos, but there is a public aquarium full of fish that focuses the attention of children and adults. It has six tanks with different species of the Mediterranean Sea, such as rays, small-spotted catsharks, flathead grey mullet, pipefish, castanets or red mullet. The aquarium also has a circular tank for jellyfish. The Municipal Aquarium of Alicante is advised by the Instituto de Ecología Litoral and has educational purposes.

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