Ready to discover the authentic taste of summer?

Publishing date 12/07/2019

What would you think if we prepare a complete menu in which you can appreciate all the nuances of the Mediterranean in your next getaway? Sit at the table, we are going to serve the freshest, most authentic and tastiest proposals of the season.
Ready to discover the authentic taste of summer?


Starting the menu with the best of the orchard and the sea is always a good option. At the centre of the table, a plate of “esgarraet”, a typical cold starter of our land made with roasted peppers and salted cod. All crumbled and accompanied by a generous spoonful of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and also accepting black olives. Do not forget the bread, it's mandatory!

An authentic delight for the palate! The Valencian salad has to be on the table too as the queen of summer and the great companion of the Valencian paella. A twosome that dominates the most Sunday tables of the Region of Valencia. But the starters do not end here. A chopped tomato from El Perelló, one of our most coveted and expected summer products, will star in the moment of the aperitif next to the famous “clòtxina de València”, an authentic gastronomic jewel of unequalled flavour. Does not it make your mouth water?

As the main course, we propose dry seafood rice “arroz a banda” or “fideuà” another seafood dish with noodles; perfect options that will conquer you on these summer months.

Leave room for dessert! You will need it. The ice cream and artisan sweets of the Region of Valencia are a real feast for traveller foodies and the great stars of the after-dinner. The finishing touch for a tasty menu. During your stay, do not forget to refresh yourself with our horchata, a unique drink that you will appreciate from the first sip.
If you are passionate about local and seasonal cuisine, this summer you will fall in love with the Region of Valencia. Prepare your palate for a trip you'll never forget. You will want to repeat one and a thousand times more!

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