Natural parks to welcome autumn

Publishing date 9/10/2017

Summer is already coming to an end but please do not feel sad, autumn in the Region of Valencia is a station you can enjoy much more than you can think of!
Natural parks to welcome autumn

How? For example getting lost among the wonders of one of our 22 natural parks. Going hiking, looking for mushrooms and chestnuts – always respecting the rules-, or simply falling in love with the autumn scenery and colours are only some of the things you can do. But, which are the perfect natural parks to welcome the autumn? We will tell you about some of them.


Natural park del Penyagolosa. The autumn suits perfectly to this park, one of the most cherished and famous in the Region of Valencia. The leaves of the trees dye in orange, yellow and brown, making the forests of the park look like an enchanted place. If you want to enjoy the best scenery, we encourage you to go up to the Pico of Penyagolosa. The panoramic from up there is amazing!


Natural park of the Carrascal de la Fuente Roja. This park is one of the best examples of the beautiful and varied our territory is. Situated a few kilometres away from Alcoy, it will give you the opportunity to relax in lovely natural surroundings, surrounded of oaks, maples, yews and ash trees. The polychrome is guaranteed! And like final colophon to your visit, you can go up to the Santuario de la Fuente Roja, where you will be granted peace and in silence.


Natural park of The Sierra de Irta. Nobody can say that to enjoy autumn one has to move away from the sea, and here, you will understand the reason why. Here, there are easy hiking routes, the temperature is perfect and sunset is one of the best in the zone. All through the park you will be surrounded by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, and why not taking advantage of this charming landscape to have a picnic?


Natural park of Las Hoces del Cabriel. Poplars, white pines, tamarinds and willow trees wait for you in this fantastic natural park, one of the most beautiful in the Region of Valencia. The main feature is the river Cabriel, the greater tributary of the river Júcar, although it can be a bit chilly to bathe you in its waters, you will be able to enjoy the walks by the ravines and the hiking routes in the park, relaxing and healing


Natural park of The Sierra de Espadán. Autumn reminds us of chestnuts and in the Sierra de Espadán we find the Castañar del Jinquer, the only one in the Region of Valencia. Once there, you can also discover the ruins of an abandoned village and its castle, all this while you enjoy the local gastronomy, you won’t regret it!

Up to here our recommendations to enjoy the natural parks and autumn in the Region of Valencia. Which is your favourite? 

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