The 3 Wise Men in their magical path through the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 29/12/2017

The most magical night of the year is getting close. And everyone, old and young, wants to give a warm welcome to their Majesties of the East.
The 3 Wise Men in their magical path through the Region of Valencia

For many years, the 3 Kings have got used to settle their camp in the area of Preventorio in Alcoy (Alicante). And they do not do it there by chance; there are written documents that show that the Wise Men visit the Region of Valencia from 1866; making of this, the oldest Cabalgata de Reyes in Spain and possibly in the World. This has served it to be declared Fiesta of National Tourist Interest since November 2001.


The parade starts at 18:00 hours on 5th January from the highest part of Alcoy and goes through the streets of the Camí Sant Nicolau and the Plaça d'Espanya where they make a stop in their way to carry out the worship of Baby Jesús. Once completed, around eight in the evening, and after the fireworks, the group continues its journey through Sant Llorenç, País Valencià, the bridge of Maria Cristina, the paseo de Cervantes, Alçamora and the bridge of Sant Roc where it ends at around 10 in the evening.


The 3 Wise Men from the East will have time to visit Alicante capital, landing in the port of the Volvo Ocean Race at about 17 hours. From there, they will go to the Plaza de Toros, where thousands of children would be waiting for them.


In Valencia, Their Royal Highnesses will arrive to the city center at 18:00 hours from Calle Navarro Reverter to Marqués de Sotelo, passing by the Town Hall Square. There will be 30 parade floats, 15 entertainment groups and eight bands of music and 10 000 will be distributed.


Racing the time, at 19:00 hours Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar will take to the streets of the city center Castellón in a parade divided into three sections, which will display various moments of the Christmas lived in the city according to the following route: called San Roque, called Sanahuja, Plaza María Agustina, calle Gobernador, calle Guitarrista Tárrega, calle Asensi, Plaza de la Paz, calle Mayor, Arcipreste Balaguer and Plaza Mayor.

Other details: Comunitat Valenciana

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