Indoor Sports in the Comunitat Valenciana

Publishing date 8/11/2017

Indoor sports have become a prevalent trend, and in the Comunitat Valenciana, there are many alternatives. We are going to let you know about a few options so you can enjoy sports at any time of the year!
Indoor Sports in the Comunitat Valenciana


Paddle is one of the most popular sports in the Comunitat Valenciana, perhaps because of the excellent weather we enjoy all year round. One of the most recommended places to practice this game is the Pádel Club Valencia in La Pobla de Vallbona. The club counts on six courts and a lovely space where you can exercise comfortably in the company of your friends and family. Even so, most of the towns have good courts and clubs where they can find you a partner to share a few games.


In addition to Padel, it is also common to play other racket games such as tennis, badminton, racquetball, squash, etc. A great option to exercise and have fun at once.


Swimming Pools / Swimming

Swimming is a particularly healthy sport, providing all-around fitness results while exercising a variety of muscle groups. In the Comunitat Valenciana, there are several indoor swimming pools where to swim throughout the year.


In most populations, they sell pool bonuses at great prices, both for registered citizens and outsiders. The facilities are usually excellent, with semi-Olympic pools, unique and sophisticated equipment including dry and wet sauna, open schedules available for your comfort or even swimming and perfecting courses.


It would be necessary to add that the weather in Comunitat Valenciana is so pleasant that some people swim in the sea all year round, although some of them wear a neoprene suit in the winter.


Bouldering or block climbing

Bouldering or climbing is an activity that consists of ascending blocks of about eight meters high of rock or small walls. Climbing is done without the need of protective materials (ropes, harness, etc.); with the help of a "crash pad" and some assistants called "porteros” to avoid getting hurt, in case of falling.


Several gyms have mainly become specialised in this indoor sport. The Laif Climbing Gym, located in Carrer del Foc in Valencia, turns out to be an ideal place for practising an activity as unconventional as this one. Without a doubt, climbing is a sport that you should not miss in Valencia.


Indoor Soccer

There is a wide variety of indoor soccer fields in Valencia. The Campo Fútbol Cinco Indoor, located in San Antonio de Benageber, has artificial and natural grass courts for the total comfort of the clients. Their facilities are of first quality, with excellent service and flexible schedules. Another ideal option to practice this sport indoors is FutbolCity. This one has glazed courts, natural grass and the possibility of downloading an application with which you can reserve the fields online. It also has paddle courts (PadelCity) and a gym (GymCity).



Bowling is one of those sports that you can do and, at the same time, have fun massively. It is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy sharing activities with family and friends. Located on Avenida de Campanar in Valencia, is the Bowling Center Valencia, with excellent facilities and reasonable prices is a place that you cannot miss. It also has billiard rooms, table hockey, ping pong, among other recreational practices.


Every day there are fewer excuses for not playing sports. In Valencia, thanks to the innovation of indoor games, the possibilities of maintaining a healthy and fit body are unlimited. So, no matter what time of the year you are in Valencia, there will always be places to practice physical activities and fun ways to exercise.

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