Ecotourism is fashionable

Publishing date 17/10/2017

The eco-touristic routes are one of the best forms to know the Region of Valencia and here we have some examples. Discover them!
Ecotourism is fashionable

Route of the Rice in Cullera. In the municipality of Cullera, you will live a gastronomic experience in contact with the nature. You will be able to admire and visit the traditional rice-growing areas in a guided visit, in which they will explain you the process to obtain a high quality product, at the same time that they protect the environment.

Also you will get to know the Museum of the Rice, which keeps wonderful stories about this cereal, to which you will be able to access by means of audio-visual and workshops which show from the moment this food was produced in a traditional way, until the arrival of the mechanisation. Besides, it has an area in which you will be able to share a snack with your family with the fields of rice as background. The museum does not open on Mondays. The opening visiting hours are from 10:00 to 19:00 hours on weekdays and from 10:00 to 15:00 hours on Sundays.


Route of the orange in Carcaixent. The municipality of Carcaixent is known as the birthplace of the growing of oranges. You will visit the ancient warehouse of Ribera, which shows a modern style in spite of its antiquity where you will learn the traditional way of growing the fruit, for following visiting the warehouses of Oranges Ripoll & CIA and Juan Motilla S.L. In there, you will be able to understand the process of production nowadays. In addition to learning, they will let you buy the product you will pick yourself from the plantation. The most important green zone in the municipality, Park Navarro Darás, is the last stop in the route.


Route by L'Albufera of Valencia. In the beautiful natural park you will find the biggest lake of Spain. These waters have served as sustenance for the crops of rice and activities like the fishing, in which practitioners handle to perfection the technique of sailing in little deep waters. You will be able to go on a boat admiring its beauty, at the same time you learn the importance of keeping the place, as it has been a precursor of the gastronomy of our country and of iconic dishes like paella. Besides, it is the homeland of numerous species of birds which fly freely by the extensive nature.

If you prefer a walk on land, there are companies which offer biking services and therefore, you will have the opportunity to know the place in a different way. The best of everything is that the small ones can also take part, as they provide school visits to the place, too. 


The sources of the Algar. The sources of the river Algar represent the natural ecological preservation wealth of the region. With more than 1.5 km of crystalline waters, abundant vegetation and limestone formations, they will make you fall in love at first sight. It is one of the most visited places by tourists and locals offering in the surroundings diverse restaurants where you can taste the traditional and international food. Besides, you will have the option to stay in any hotel or finca nearby and enjoy some relaxing days in contact with the nature, while you learn to take care of it.


Natural Park Islands Columbretes. The beautiful natural reservation is a place which keeps inside a wide biological and ecological diversity, home for some species in danger of extinction. It is an archipelago of volcanic origin, with an extension of 5 marine miles, where all visitors will be able to become aware of the importance of the good use of the natural resources. In the Islas Columbretes, you will find services of routes along the islands including boat visits, delicious foods and beautiful views of dusk. 

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