Discover the apple esperiega and treat yourself in Gastronóma

Publishing date 24/10/2017

You will not have other places to enjoy food as you can do in here. Check why the renowned name of the Region of Valencia is absolutely justified in Gastronóma Valencia and in the Fair of the Apple Esperiega in Rincón de Ademuz.
Discover the apple esperiega and treat yourself in Gastronóma

This autumn, we have ahead a great number of gastronomic exhibitions; but if we have to point out two, we introduce you to these.


Gastronóma Valencia. Showcookings, tastings, courses, gourmet buffets and big stars invited from 4th to 6th November in Fair Valencia. Gastrónoma Valencia is an open forum so that professionals of the gastronomy and gourmet public can experience and enjoy.

3 days of emotions organised in spaces like central kitchen – demonstrations of kitchen in direct with the big cooks of the moment -, cooking – zone for courses, workshops and demonstrations for fans to the kitchen -, wine experience, #dquesos, gourmet buffets - where to taste high kitchen “tapas” to  good prices offered by referent restaurants -, corner of the rice, entreolivos – a space devoted to extra virgin olive oil -, #pandeverdad – where the best bakers in Spain will give life to the best breads -, cocktail club and handmade beers.


Fair of the Apple Esperiega. Moving not further up, in Rincón de Ademuz and on 4th and 5th November; you will be surprised by the exhibition about the apple esperiega, a sweet treasure which very few know about. They do not know yet!

This Fair offers a market of agricultural products venues and mercadillo rural of craftsmanship, hiking route, storytelling workshop, traditional games, ‘batucatapa' -batucada by the Route of “tapas” -, guided visit along the village and horse-riding exhibition, among other possibilities.

One of the appeals of the Fair of the Apple Esperiega, ideal for those with a sweet tooth, are the Contests “The best Apple Esperiega” and “The best Appel Pie”. We advise you from now that anything you taste will be unforgettable.

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