Castellón is proud of its green roads

Publishing date 18/10/2017

Spain has more than 2.600 kilometres of biking and hiking itineraries known as Vías Verdes (Green Roads), ancient rail infrastructures fallen into disuse which have become part of the extensive state network of both, routes and accessible ways for all type of people.
Castellón is proud of its green roads

In the Region of Valencia, we have of a good number of Green Roads which cover around 200 kilometres in the three provinces.  In Castellón,  there are two interesting trails which combine coastal and inner paths, beach and mountain. With the arrival of the autumn, we propose you a healthy and fun option to live in couple, with friends or in family and if you feel like, your pet can go with you! The Green Roads of Castellón are one of the best forms to enjoy nature. Come and know them!


It is not necessary to be very fit to visit the Vía Verde del Mar, a trail with some six kilometres which goes between the towns of Benicàssim and Oropesa. The wild and natural coast of Castellón, as well as the glorious beaches will be with you along the route.  The starting point of the route is in Benicàssim, but you can begin the road at any of the two points. The whole path is very well signposted so that it will be difficult to get lost.


Be prepared to cross tunnels, historical town centres, enjoy ancient towers lookout and lighthouses or meet the ancient inhabitants of the zone (the Iberians) along with an inseparable "companion in your route", the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea.

The foothills of the sierra of Oropesa and the Parque Natural del Desierto de las Palmas will watch over your steps in this lovely road you can follow either biking or walking. It is up to you to decide!


The wonderful Vía Verde de los Ojos Negros between Teruel and Sagunto is the longest one in Spain with a total of 160 kilometres. Relax; you do not have to visit them all! But we do encourage you to visit the interesting kilometres which cross the province of Castellón. It is a trail which has an easy route, very well signposted, only considered as moderate by the extensive length.  The road carries the name of the mines of the Ojos Negros (Black Eyes) in Teruel, kilometre zero where this ancient mining rail road starts from passing by the south of the province between the places of Barracas and Sot of Ferrer point where it goes into Valencian grounds.


The branch of the road which visits the province of Castellón has hostels, ancient trenches from the Civil War, the sierras of Espadán and of the Calderona and other natural appeals which complement with rail architecture from ancient railway-stations reconverted in rest areas.

Places with high historical and artistic interest like Segorbe or Jérica are waiting for you in this route which combines nature, architecture and history.

No matter what your interest or fitness can be, you will find in the Vías Verdes an interesting offer of possibilities to know, this autumn, the province of Castellón. Enjoy the via!

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