Autumn Fruits with Valencian Denominación de Origen

Publishing date 21/11/2017

Autumn is the most colourful season of the year when the trees are dressed in all kinds of colours and then lose their beautiful leaves leaving a wonderful carpet in the woods and on the streets. Another thing that characterises this part of the year are some seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Autumn Fruits with Valencian Denominación de Origen

Autumn fruits are generally rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help prepare us to face the cold months of winter. The Comunitat Valenciana has many products with Denominación de Origen (DO or Appellation of Origin), attributed to our fertile lands. Here we will present the essential autumn fruits of the Comunitat Valenciana.


Valencian pomegranate

The pomegranate is a fleshy fruit, with a relatively thick crust, produced by the pomegranate tree. It is native to South Asia and Persia, and it was the Arabs who introduced this autumn fruit in Spain. It is rich in vitamins and has a potent antioxidant power.


The pomegranate has different varieties, each with various features. Although it is considered as an autumn fruit, the Valencian Granada is harvested relatively early, even during the last weeks of summer. Its skin is pink, and its interior also has a lighter colour than other varieties. Its grains are sweet and juicy. For its properties is a fabulous ingredient that we should not miss in our daily diet, it can be used in many ways; in salads for example.


Granada Mollar

The Granada Mollar also comes from Valencian lands, Elche in particular, in the Province of Alicante. The Elche area is often referred to as the land of pomegranates because the soil is fertile and therefore plenty of the fruit is also produced for export purposes. Mollar is perhaps the most popular variety since it is usually bigger and is the sweetest of all varieties. Its skin has a shade of light red and pink, and its grains tend to be thicker and much darker than those of the Valencian pomegranate. Thanks to its whole character and pleasant flavour, it is a favourite fruit for many Valencians.



No other fruit identifies with fall as much as pumpkin. Although originally grown for its seeds, today we also enjoy its sweet low-calorie pulp, which also helps strengthen our defences. The Valencian Pumpkin has a round shape, slightly flattened. It has a hard and very thick orange skin, and its pulp is quite sweet. Many delicious dishes can be prepared with this fruit, and it is also used for the typical Valencian pumpkin fritters.


Sweet potato

Another fruit that appears in the streets and fruit shops in autumn is the sweet potato. A tuberous root also known by other names. In Spain, more than one-fifth of this crop is harvested in the Comunitat Valenciana. It has different variants of white, red, and yellow. The sweet potato is often eaten roasted, but it is also used to prepare jams. Its primary use in the Comunitat Valenciana is the preparation of the sweet potato cake consumed throughout the year, but above all, as a Christmas dessert.

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