Castellón and Villareal, network art from 5 to 25

Publishing date 28/10/2013

The 5x5 exhibition at the Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló is a game of art generated through a network, starting with an invitation to five internationally renowned artists, each of whom proposes another five artists, resulting in 25 altogether. From this week until the 12th January, all their art is being exhibited at the EACC and at the Convent Espai D’Art de Vila-real. Come and see!
Castellón and Villareal, network art from 5 to 25
In all, 25 artists are taking part, all of them with the ability to foster a dialogue between the generations. For this year’s edition, the group proposed includes Luis Camnitzer, Jimmie Durham, Dan Graham, Santiago Serra and Rosemarie Trockel. The selection, bringing together 25 young creators, will finalise with a prize for the best one and the two group exhibitions that have just opened. The participating artists are Silvina Arismendi, Daniel Bejar, Karmelo Bermejo, Rosella Biscotti, Julius von Bismark, Antoine Catala, Cleo Fariselli, Elisa Strinna y Diego Tonus, as well as others. If you like art, don’t miss this exhibition at the EACC. So come along; now’s the time to visit the EACC and admire some excellent contemporary art created by 25 artists from Castellón.    

Other details: Castellón de la Plana

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