Calpe (seafront)


Calpe nestles next to the Rock of Ifach, a spectacular rock formation standing in a nature reserve of the same name and offering unique panoramas over the Alicante coastline. Calpe itself is a village steeped in maritime traditions and blessed with an extensive coast featuring fine, golden sand. Among the many options for enjoying a stay in this authentic tourist village are walks along a promenade on foot, or via the images offered by the webcam full of lively terrace restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood dishes, plus all kinds of water sports and activities, or a visit to its quaint old historic centre on the Costa Blanca.

Image taken from the Capri Restaurant.

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If the law states wear a seat

If the law states wear a seat belt then wear one, respect the Spanish law. Beach vendors I assume will require a license which is under the control of the local government enforcement, so not a police matter in the first instance. I suggest you contact the licensing team and express your the meantime take a chill pill!

You must be Completely out of

You must be Completely out of your mind! Who do you want to impress with that? Iam a journalist rubish.and if so, who cares. Dont go to the beach if it is too loud for you! Stay at the pool or whatever! Let the people sell some drinks at the beach, a lot of tourists apreciate this service. If you are a journalist, better write about some things that really matter.

Dear, My name is jan r and I

Dear, My name is jan r and I am a journalist from holland, I am visiting the area of calpe many many years already, but this weeks I have noticed a lot of irritated tourists on the beach of calpe. A lot of men are trying to sell beer, cola, mojito’s and other drinks on the beach, this they do with a lot of shouting, and almost ervery 5 minutes they walk by, it’s hardly impossible to sleep on the beach because every few minutes some men come by shouting. Some tourists aleady went to the police but we have spoken with some police men and they can do nothing more than write down the names of these men they are not arrested nor they are givin any fines. We said that they are able to see the policemen from far away because of there police clothing, we suggest that the police should were only bathing trousers and cath these venters like this, not from the boulevard 50 meters away, this is a very strange way to try to cath illegal sales people who bother tourists. Actually a friend of mine was stopped by the police ( on the back seat somebody was not waring a seat belt ) and they had a fine from € 300. This is not a fine situation that tourists gets fines and illegal street/beach sellers get nothing only a warning. What will the mayor and the city of calpe will do wit hthis big problem?? We think the city of calpe will loose tourists because of this, I think we will publish a story about this matter within a few weeks when nothing is done about this and suggest tourists to move to other places like calpe, Be advised that we write for dutch biggest daily newspaper called the telegraaf, we have around 1.8 million readers every day With kind regards DutchPress For everything what’s news! The Netherlands

Please get a waiter at the

Please get a waiter at the CAPRI to wipe the webcam cover,Calpe is a beautiful place,especially when you can see it clearly....and not Manyana,do it today please.



Please get the webcam covers

Please get the webcam covers cleaned both at the sesfront and the Fossa beach. They're disgraceful and do not show Calpe in the light it should be displayed!

look out ervins see you next

look out ervins see you next week

webcam from CapriRestaurant

webcam from CapriRestaurant is NOT WORKING please get it repaired quickly! Thank you

Surprised to see this cam

Surprised to see this cam working again, not before time

The La Fossa Beach webcam is

The La Fossa Beach webcam is still there, but listed under the letter "W" for webcam, hope you find it. Dave Peterborough