A Visit to Calpe Coves

Publishing date 30/11/2017

The Comunitat Valenciana coast is full of dreamy beaches and beautiful coves, but there are few emblematic places such as the Peñón de Ifach, a majestic rock, 332 m high, that rises above the transparent waters of the Costa Blanca in the town of Calpe.
A Visit to Calpe Coves

The coastline around Calpe (Calp in Valencian) offers a stretch of 13 kilometres that stands out for its beautiful beaches of fine golden sand, rocky cliffs and a series of beautiful coves with turquoise water that could not be cleaner. The omnipresent Peñón de Ifach divides Calpe into two bays, where the main urban beaches of golden sand are located: the Fossa-Levante beach on one side and the Arenal-Bol beach on the other. If you visit this section of the Costa Blanca, these are the most beautiful coves in Calpe that you cannot miss.

Cala del Racó

La Cala del Racó, one of the most beautiful coves in Calpe, is a small cove located at the foot of the Peñón de Ifach, in the port of Calpe area. Formed by boulders, this beach, 70 meters long, is quite popular with locals. Cala del Racó is also known as one of the best coves in the Comunitat Valenciana to snorkel and, if you like to dive, there you will also find the only underwater path in the Comunitat with signalling buoys and signs that provide information about the species that inhabit these waters. If, on the other hand, you prefer a walk with views to the underwater activities, in this same cove the ecological itinerary Princess of Asturias begins.

Cala Calalga

Cala Calalga is located right at the end of Levante Beach, it is one of the main sandy beaches of Calpe, and on it, you will find a quieter environment. It is a cove about 100 meters long that has stretches of sand and rocks, where Posidonia vegetation accumulates. In its calm waters, you can enjoy a quiet swim with your family. Usually, at half capacity, the beach can be accessed by a steep ramp from the seafront of Levante Beach.

Cala del Penyal

Cala del Penyal is a cove made up of rocks accessible by a pine forest path located on the north side of the Peñón de Ifach. A naturist cove 100 meters long that usually has a reasonably low occupation. Its transparent waters make it one of the best inlets for diving and practice water sports in Calpe.

Cala Les Bassetes

Another beach with a reasonably low occupancy is the semi-urban beach where Cala les Bassetes is located, next to the marina that bears the same name. It is 120 meters long, and from the beach, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Peñón de Ifach and Playa de la Fossa. Taking a swim while admiring the Rock never gets tiring. It will make you feel small. The beach is formed by rocks and gravel, perfect for diving and spearfishing all year round.

Cala Racó del Corb / Cala el Callao

One of the hidden gems around Calpe is Cala Racó del Corb, also known as Cala el Callao, located at the southern tip of Tierra de Toix. It is a virgin cove accessible only from the sea or by a difficult access path. This isolated cove, composed of rolling stones and rocks, is a 50-meter-long pristine paradise where there is always few people. Another ideal bay for diving or snorkelling.

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