Moors and Christians in Bocairent, the festival that overcomes the winter cold

Publishing date 1/02/2016

From 7th to 10th of February, the Moors and Christians festivities are held in the town of Bocairent. These are days in which, despite the cold, the streets of our town are transformed through music, fireworks, parades and joy. These are days to enjoy Bocairent.
Moors and Christians in Bocairent, the festival that overcomes the winter cold

The village festivals are a part of the soul of the people: its life, history and traditions are summed up in a single event. On the first day, the bands and representatives of all the groups gather for the parade which commemorates the proclamation of Saint Blaise as holy patron of the town. In the evening, a colorful parade takes place where the typical blankets of the town have a main role.

On the second day, the Moors and Christians parade is celebrated with the Christian first, and the Moors' in the end. The third day is dedicated to Saint Blaise: a moving procession is celebrated, during which the traditional "Vitol" (hail) devoted to Saint Blaise occurs.

Monday is the day of "embassy delegations" and "battles" between the two sides, which include the firing of muskets, and Tuesday is dedicated to the Holy Christ and the dispossession of the Moor is celebrated.

Come and see: cold days are compatible with the joy of the village festivities! Take advantage of a midwinter celebration that goes hand in hand with our culture and traditions.

If you want to learn more about this festival and other activities that take place throughout the year, check the website of Serra Mariola Association:

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