Hiking Xaló: Flowers way

Hiking Xaló: Flowers way
  • Actividades de ocio
  • Type: Rutas y excursiones
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 27/01/2013
    • Ends: 27/01/2013

Theme trekking: guided seasonal theme walks


Sunday, January 27th

Botanical route: Flowers way
Xaló-Camí Tàrbena SL-CV 199

Theme: Recognize the botanical species and customs of the same in the local culture, etc..

Places of interest:

  • Xaló: "Alameda" promenade - "Agermanaments" promenade (Tourist info)
  • Well "Passules"
  • Fields of traditional cultures
  • Centenary Olive trees
  • Old Way to Tàrbena
  • Cross road with PR-CV 158
  • Viewing-point of Coll de Rates



Approx. duration: 5 h | Total Km.: 10

*Grade (fitness and technical): Moderate

*Moderate: Regular walkers or beginners with a higher than average level of fitness. These walks include up hill stretches of up to approx. 500 metros or can be flatter but of longer distance (18-20 Km.)

Starting Point: Tourist Info Vall de Pop in Xaló
Starting time: 09.00 a.m.
Price: 6 €
Traditional Brunch: 3€ | Lunch: 15 €

For more information on the activity please phone:
AESTAS: 667 523 604
www.aestas.es - info@aestas.es


Tourist Info Benissa

Avda. País Valencià, 97
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e-mail: turismo@benissa.net
web: www.benissa.es

Tourist Info Teulada - Moraira
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web: www.teulada-moraira.es

Tourist Info Vall De Pop (Xaló)
Paseo de la Alameda, s/n.
Tel./Fax: 96 648 10 17
e-mail: valldepop@touristinfo.net
web: www.valldepop.es



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