Moors & Christians Fiesta

Moors & Christians Fiesta
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 28/06/2018
    • Ends: 02/07/2018


Saturday 23rd of June

10.00 pm Grouping of the “filaes” in the Jaume I square, and brotherhood’s supper.

00.00 am Live music  by "Agora" Montecarlo Orchestra. Bar service for the benefit of the captain “filaes” of 2019: Filà Templaris y Filà Califes.


Thursday 28th of June

08.30 pm Festival music concert in the Jaume I square, performed by the “Colla de Xirimiters Pere Bigot” and “Asociación Lírica y Musical de Benissa”.


Friday 29th of June

11.00 pm Presentation of the Standards, StandardCarriers, Ambassadors and Captains in the enclosure of the castle, and streetcry for the festivities headed by Mr Pepe Ramón Soliveres Ivars. To finish the act, firework display courtesy of Pirotecnia Vicente Caballer. Next, in the Jaume I square, actuation of the Sream orquestra by Montecarlo. Bar service for the benefit of the captain “filaes” 2019. Filà Templaris & Filà Califes.


Saturday 30th of June

12.30 am Rememberance of the deceased “festeros” at the local cemetery.

07.30 pm Musical band entrance.

08.00 pm Great Entrance from Valencia Street until the end of Nou Street.



Christian Standard and the Standards of Christians “Filaes”.

Filà Templaris

Filà Corsàries

Filà Conqueridores

Filà Llauradors

Filà Pirates (Christians Captain 2018)



Moor Standars and the Standards of Moors “Filaes”.

Filà Califes

Filà Sharquies

Filà Beduïnes

Filà Taifes Eslaus

Filà Bereberes

Filà Zairenyes (Moors Captain 2018)


Sunday 1st of June

11.00 am Street parade of all the “filaes”, visiting the pensioner’s residence and carrying the image of the Saint Peter the Apostle.

12.00 am Offering and Mass in honor of our Patron Saint Peter the Apostle.

06.30 pm Infants entrance and XXVIII competition of the “Cabos de Escuadra”.

08.00 pm Siege of the Moors from the Convent Square until the Castle enclosure. Moorish embassy and taking of the castle by the Moorish troops.


Monday 2nd of July

10.30 am Siege of the Christians from the Portal Square.

Following this, in the Castle enclosure Christian Embassy and subsequent reconquest by the Christian forces from the Benissa Villa.

07.30 pm Informal and humourous parade of the musical bands.

08.00 pm Humourous parade of all the “filaes”.


End of the Fiestas

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