Festivity St. Antoni street quarter

Festivity St. Antoni street quarter
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  • Dates:
    • Starts: 11/07/2014
    • Ends: 14/07/2014


22.00 H. Traditional BYO dinner followed by live music by "ROIG DE PEDREGUER" band.


13.00 H. Myrtle parade with the pipe and drum band.
16.30 H. Children games.
20.30 H. Performance by "Rondalla Cultural de Benissa".
22.00 H. BYO dinner.
23.00 H. Music by VALENTINO band. During the break, it will be announced the organisers of the Festivities for 2015.


10.30 H. Blessing of "rotllets" at the "Santet" house and traditional procession, accompanied by pipe and drum. During the procession it will give the traditional "rotllets" at the "Teresa Ortolá" house, followed by the visit to the nursing home.
12.00 H. Holy Mass in honour of San Antonio de Padua.
14.00 H. Giant Paella for all local residents. Paella cooked by "GALBIS". At the end, coffee and lemon-water will be served.
By mid-afternoon, it will be water fight to refresh.


20.00 H. Mass for the repose of neighbourhood deceased.
NOTE. The Festival Committee reserves the right to modify any event of the program

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