Benicàssim, capital of 'bodywisdom'

Publishing date 25/05/2016

The Fourth Congress 2016 of BODYWISDOM will be held in Benicàssim from the 2nd to the 5th of June under the theme "Walking through life '.
Benicàssim, capital of 'bodywisdom'

Tell me the way you walk and I'll tell who you are. The way we walk betrays us, it reveals our unique integration of neuromuscular patterns and qualities of our anatomy. This will be the leitmotif of the Fourth Congress BODYWISDOM (body wisdom), to be held in the Castellon town of Benicàssim from the 2nd to 5th June. 'Walking through life' is the title of the conference this year, which will bring together dozens of health professionals and therapists to discuss our wanderings.

This event was born when two experts in manual and movement therapies got aware of the need to bring together professionals from different therapies and movement, in a meeting to exchange knowledge and experiences. And once again, Benicàssim is the venue chosen for this event.

It is said that Benicàssim is one of the pioneer tourist destinations for over a hundred years now. Its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, makes it a perfect place to walk beside the sea. The Natural Park of “Desert de Les Palmes” is another attraction spot where you can stretch your legs and get carried away by its history and natural settings. Benicàssim has something for everyone: culture, leisure, nature, relaxation and bustle, coexist and balance each other.

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