The Feast of the Benicarló Artichoke, 25-year satisfying the most demanding palates

Publishing date 4/01/2018

Veteran for its age, delicious in its flagship product. The Feast of the Benicarló artichoke is held from 12th to 28th January to honor this product and its unique characteristics.
The Feast of the Benicarló Artichoke, 25-year satisfying the most demanding palates

The Fiesta de la Alcachofa de Benicarló is back one more year to add value to a product with designation of origin and of excellent quality. From 12th to 28th January, the artichoke is the main protagonist of a festival that is a demonstration by the gastronomic restaurants in the city, which deploy all their art to show the different ways to cook this delicious product from the region of El Maestrazgo.


The activities happening around the festival are many. The Jornadas del Pincho of the Artichoke, hiking routes along Los Aljibes, and presentation of oil paired with artichoke, cooking workshops and events as original as Art&Shock Festival. A perfect couple made of black music and Benicarló artichoke, for the young and those not so young. This is a festival dedicated to Afro-American and Caribben rhythms. Ska, rocksteady, reggae, soul, rhythm and blues... and the musical performance of the Gramophone Allstars Big Band and Gravity Sound System.


But, without doubt, one of the most spectacular events is the traditional grill or popular torrà of artichokes, which are prepared on the grill and are offered among all participants. It is worth waiting for it!


During the weeks following the festival, they celebrate the Gastronomic Days of the artichoke. Follow the route by the different restaurants and discover their menus prepared on the basis of this vegetable.

If you are thinking of a gastronomic break, Benicarló is your destination. A traditional seafaring town, with quiet beaches and coves, a cultural port with interesting proposals and with gastronomy that embraces both sea and garden.

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