Ayora, The First Cut of the Honey

Publishing date 4/10/2017

Lovers of sweet honey, the moment has arrived. The first cut of the honey in Ayora will take place from 11th to 15th October. A fair which is a beekeeping, gastronomic, tourist and cultural event; having like conductive thread the honey, product by excellence of the municipality valued by his quality.
Ayora, The First Cut of the Honey

This is already the seventeenth edition of the fair “El Primer Corte de la Miel” de Ayora and you will understand why this is a wonderful plan. The fair structures in different areas: beekeeping gastronomic, zone for children, zone for craftsmanship, commercial zone and decorated alleys. So the lovers of the honey will be able to feast on the beekeeping zone where local producers of honey will put to their disposal all the existent varieties of honey as well as products derived from it: propolis, real jelly, sweets, cosmetic, etc.

The fair has other appeals. One of them is the big urn of glass with beehives inside it where beekeepers will go in and will reproduce their work since the planting of the beehive until the moment of extraction of the honey, which will be later offered to the public for a tasting. More plans: exhibition of flight of birds of prey, contest of honeys and dishes elaborated with honey, musical performances and didactic activities for the young ones. Ah, you cannot you miss the diverse live demonstrations of the Cut of the Honey which will be executed every day. 

In Ayora, you will be able to taste the typical products of the zone and region, take any of the guided visits guided to the place of Heritage of Cultural Interest in the town like the Church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción or the Castle, and go into the nature in search of the rupestrian paintings of the Abrigo de Tortosilla, World Heritage Site, and the Iberian settlement of Castellar of Mecca. 

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