Altea, the village of Storytelling

Publishing date 9/05/2018

From 15th to 20th May, the streets of Altea will be filled with stories, fables and legends with the Oral Narration Festival, Encontes. A wonderful initiative that will fascinate the youngest ones, but mainly the older ones of the family, since it puts in value the ancestral art of story-telling.
Altea, the village of Storytelling

Once upon a time, news, beliefs and our way of understanding the world was transmitted orally.Children listened fascinated to the stories their grandparents had, anecdotes from their entourage, popular songs ... and the same was done by parents with their children.A lovely way to keep memories and traditions alive.This is how most of the stories were born and are born usingimaginary characters to reinterpret the world and its present happenings.


Encontes was born from the resolution to recover this millenary tradition.Thus, the festival will turn Altea into the village of stories.The fables and their main characters will take the streets and cover the place with fantasy, music and legends.Each space and each corner will be full of oral tradition.Are you going to miss it?A week full of activities to enjoy with the whole family, taking this magnificent proposal to one of the most representative places of the Mediterranean Live.

Altea is a small town in the province of Alicante.A corner of the Mediterranean full of charm and magic where you will come once and again.Wander through its cobblestone streets, discover the white houses in its old town-centre, visit its markets and craft shops, disconnect on some of its quiet beaches ... Altea has one and thousand plans for you.

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