Festival of Moors and Christians Alcoy 2016

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Festival of Moors and Christians Alcoy 2016
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 21/04/2016
    • Ends: 24/04/2016

Thursday, 21st April:   Musicians' day

At 19h30, "Fiesta del Pasodoble", parade of the music bands, finishing with the interpretation of the Festival Anthem at "Plaza de España" square.

At the end of the anthem, castle of fireworks. Following it, "Nit de l'Olla" and "filaes" parades.


Friday, 22nd April:   Day of the Moor and Christian parades

At 5 o'clock a.m., Holy Mass for "festeros" (people taking place at the parades) at the church of Santa María.

At 5h45, dawn chime, prayers of "Ave María" and DIANA (a squadron from each "filà" passing though the city centre accompanied by a band playing music).

At 10h30, ENTRADA DE CRISTIANOS (Christians' parade).

At 17h, ENTRADA DE MOROS (Moors' parade).

*There is a break between the two parades.


Saturday, 23rd April:   Saint George's Day


At 11h, procession of the Relic of Saint George, from the Patron's Temple to the Santa María's church.

Then, at around 12h, midday,  SOLEMNE MISA MAYOR (High Mass).

The orchestra "Sinfónica Alcoyana", the choral "Polifónica Alcoyana", the group "Cantores de Alcoy" and the chorus "Juan Marín" will play the Mass to Saint George of Amando Blanquer, finishing with the anthem to Saint George of José Espí Ulrich.

At the end of it, about 14h at Plaza España GRAN MASCLETÀ.

At 18h, DIANA VESPERTINA DEL CAVALLET, on charge of the filaes Realistas and Berberiscos, from la Font Redona until Plaza España.

At 19h30, GENERAL PROCESSION, going along with the Relic and the image of Saint George riding his horse, with the following order: devoted people, Moor filaes, Christian filaes, filaes with a charge, General Assambly of the Saint George's Association with the child representing Saint George ("Sant Jordiet"), clergy and authorities.

At 23h30, RETRETA (amusing parade with each filà during which the "festeros" give away objects and toys).


Sunday, 24th April:    Alardo's Day

At 8h, CONTRABANDO (representarion of a contraband).

At 8h45, GUERRILLAS WARFARE, until 9h45.

At 10h, ESTAFETA AND MOOR EMBASSY, followed by an archebus battle.

At 16h30, ESTAFETA AND CHRISTIAN EMBASSY, followed by a new battle.

At around 20h, THANKSGIVING. The Captains and Alféreces (second Lieutenants) of both armies, the filaes, the Sant Jordiet and General Assambly of the Assotiation will go along with the image of San Jorge "El Xicotet", from the church of Santa María to the Temple of the Saint.

At 21h30, APPARITION of the Saint Patron on the castle battlements.

Finishing the apparition, castle fireworks.

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