Flamenco, jazz and much more in Alcossebre

Publishing date 22/06/2015

Jazz, flamenco and other musical styles invade the terraces of the town of Alcossebre during the three summer months. More than thirty professional musicians will make you vibrate in the Slow Music Fest. Don't miss it!
Flamenco, jazz and much more in Alcossebre

Slow Music Fest is a circuit of micro-concerts held in five restaurants in Alcossebre, from June 4 to September 19.

Its purpose is to provide professional art to this small tourist town, well deserved by its citizens and guests. Because going on holiday to Alcossebre is more than just going to the beach. Now, also the best music created in the coast of the Valencia region  may be enjoyed in Alcossebre. Quality is assured and if you want to know the artistic level of this land, and of our culture, you can do it from Alcossebre. Its free! You pay for your dinner or drink and the Slow Music Fest delivers the art.

Artists such as Thaïs Morell (Brazil), Julio Montalvo (Cuba), Rafa Villalba (Spain), Aristides Abreu (Spain) are among the musicians featured at this year's festival.

Also this year, there will be an art exhibition, the Slow Expo, where you can see a sample of seven Valencian artists that wanted to join the initiative. Each of the restaurants will show the works of a different artist.

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