Vuelta a nado Tabarca: Swim around Tabarca island and enjoy this treasure

Publishing date 15/04/2019

Swim around this lovely island on April 21st in the company of marine nature lovers. La Vuelta a nado a Tabarca invites you to know the surroundings of this beautiful place swimming without competitive purposes. Train in paradise!
Vuelta a nado Tabarca: Swim around Tabarca island and enjoy this treasure

The Vuelta a nado Tabarca organised by the Swimming Club of Pinoso comes back!


The main purpose of this sporting event is not to compete or race. On the contrary, the philosophy remains in swimming around the island of Alicante in communion with other participants. Get to know the marine heritage of Tabarca and spend a great day with other sea fans!


This creative visit to the Marine Natural Reserve of the Island of Tabarca is a meeting with other swimmers that will not go further than 50 meters from the coast. Moreover, the participants will always be accompanied by kayaks to be able to make the journey with more ease. This training is 100% respectful with the environment and the natural habitat of the area. There will be two options according to the level of the swimmers. For the average level, the course will be 4.7 kilometres, while those debuting in open water will swim 3.7 kilometres always under supervision.


The Marine Natural Reserve of Tabarca Island is one of the most valued natural heritage sites of the Region of Valencia. With a size of 2 kilometres long and 40 meters wide, it is surrounded by one of the most valued sea beds in the Region, with impressive sceneries for scuba diving and snorkelling lovers. Do not miss the experience!

Other details: Alacant/Alicante

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