Alicante, a date for the stars in a cinematic city

Publishing date 24/05/2014

The Alicante Film Festival offers lovers of the seventh art 32 shorts and six feature films that will compete in the official section. Blockbuster by Tirso Calero, El Amor no es lo que era by Gabriel Ochoa Peris, Dioses y perros by David Marqués, Elvira by Manu Ochoa and Antonio Travieso, La Despedida by Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo and El Rayo by Ernesto de Nova Roldán and Fran Araújo are the feature films that participate in the contest. Come to Alicante this week and enjoy a cinematic city that is overflowing with art.
Alicante, a date for the stars in a cinematic city

The Alicante Film Festival has confirmed that filmmaker Agustín Díaz Yanes is the winning director in the inaugural gala on Saturday, May 24th in the ADDA, where he will be granted the Lucentum prize. This award is an acknowledgement to the professional careers of directors, including such great figures as Rodrigo Cortés, Alex de la Iglesia, Daniel Monzón, Gracia Querejeta, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. Furthermore, actor Hugo Silva obtained the Ciudad de Alicante award in this same pageant, and the Goya Toledo, the prize of honour of the festival, which acknowledges outstanding professional careers of Spanish actors and actresses.

The feature films in the official section will be screened throughout the week of the Festival in Cines Panoramis. Each pass costs three euros per film, with the option to purchase a voucher for all six films for fifteen euros. Tickets are available for purchase at the Cines Panoramis sales booths.

Beyond the participating films, La pantalla herida a documentary by Luís María Fernández, will be screened on May 29. This film is a direct, incisive and crucial look at the current crisis in the financing, production, distribution and screening model of Spanish cinema, free from censorship.

Furthermore, throughout the week of the Festival, the city will host activities related to cinema. On the one hand, the feature films and shorts competing in the Official Section of the contest wil be screened and, on the other, parallel options such as workshops, concerts, thematic cycles and screenings of guest films will be arranged.

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