Alicante Carnival 2014

Alicante Carnival 2014
  • Programa de fiestas
  • Dates:
    • Starts: 27/02/2014
    • Ends: 09/03/2014

Thursday 27th February

21:00 h Pirotecnical performance from Palmeretes Square to Quijano Square (00.00 h). Different musical performaces and firecrackers.


Friday 28th February

Carnival announcement.

23: 00 h Market Square (Plaza del Mercado.)

00:00 h San Cristobal Square (Plaza San Cristóbal )

Carnival Show (La seta privada de Doña Cuaresma)


Saturday 1st March

Carnaval Saturday. Sábado Ramblero

Children’s workshop (Palmeretes Square 12.00 pm)

17:00 h Children’s Carnival. From Calderón Street. Then, Musica, DJ performances and costests at the Market Square (Plaza del Mercado)

23:00 h Quijano Square (Plaza de Quijano). Racó Dimonis.

Musical shows and concerts.


Tuesday 4th March

Carnical Judgement

21:30 h San Cristóbal Square (Plaza San Cristóbal )

Pelele’s procession. Parade around El Barrio (Old town).


Wednesday 5th March

Sardine’s Burial

20:00 h ANTONIMORULILLO Association (Garninet Street.) 

21:00 h Vigil, Muntanyeta Square.

23:00 h Carmen Square (Plaza del Carmen). Sardines Funeral. Burial music and “Pura Mandanga” Concert


Sunday 9th February

Piñata Sunday

12:00 pm. Plaza Palmeretes. Children’s Piñata. Paella and other entertainment activities.

Organiza: Mesa de Carnaval Alicante (La Meka)

Concejalía de Fiestas Alicante
Casa de la Festa
C/ Bailén, 20 - 3ª Planta
03001 Alicante
Tfno: 965.23.07.22

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