Feel the Region of Valencia in Fitur

Publishing date 13/01/2017

The innovative Region of Valencia exhibition space in Fitur highlights the Mediterranean way of life and will be fully accessible and recyclable.
Feel the Region of Valencia in Fitur

The Region of Valencia can only be explained through the senses, you must touch the sand of its beaches and the stones of its walls, hear the hubbub of the streets and the music, smell the gunpowder and the sea, savour its many flavours and unique products, feel it as a vast universe of emotions, a land of contrasts that cannot be encapsulated in one or a thousand postcards. Authentic things cannot be defined with mere words or pictures. They form a way of life.

The Region of Valencia exhibition space in Fitur was designed starting from this premise. You will have the chance to venture into the essence of the Mediterranean and discover everything that we are. You'll have the chance to see that we're sustainable -- that's why the stand is fully recyclable and accessible. We're also special. The Region of Valencia is one of the tourist destinations most in demand among travellers the world over. We are open and welcoming. It is an honour for us to participate in Fitur Gay - LGBT for the second year in a row.

But we're also diverse. Thus, the entirety of our local tourist offer will be represented through six brands: ValènciaTurisme, Castellón Mediterráneo, Benidorm, Turismo Valencia, Alicante and Costa Blanca. And don't forget that we're also historic; the stand will highlight cultural and themed routes as well as our "World Heritage". We're also creative, as can be seen in the innovative design of our space, in which our spectacular backlit images are bound to draw attention.

But that's not all -- we're here, and we are united. That is why the entirety of the tourism offer in the Region of Valencia is displayed in a single themed space brought to you by 400 companies and associations related to this sector. We're also proud of what we are.


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