Apples from Rincón de Ademuz, Esperiega apples of the Hesperides

Publishing date 2/12/2013

This week end, Rincón de Ademuz hosts its Esperiega apple festival. This sweet variety, which is at the centre of tales and legends, becomes the centrepiece of festivities throughout which you will be able to have snacks, walk, participate in games, and last but not least… taste.
Apples from Rincón de Ademuz, Esperiega apples of the Hesperides
Zeus gifted Hera with apple trees bearing golden fruits, which were planted in a remote place in the West – perhaps in Ademuz! These magical apples, which were golden with a reddish tint granted by the setting sun, were supposed to grant immortality. Hera left this precious treasure in the care of the Hesperies, the nymphs of the evening, hence their name. Beyond legends, the fact remains that Esperiega apples, a unique variety with a fragrant aroma and remarkable sweetness, are grown in Rincón de Ademuz. The most peculiar characteristic of these apples is what is known as a “frozen apple”, due to a process in which sugar crystallises, making the apple look like it is made out of ice. These apples are the sweetest, and they are ideal for confectionery and other culinary uses. The festivities related to apples, which will be held for the first time this year, will take place from December 6 to 8. Round tables, snacking tours, storytelling, workshops, pastry contests using Espriega apples, snacks, a jumble sale, parades and tastings make up a programme exclusively focused on Espriega apples.

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