Wall Art in Fanzara and Torreblanca

Publishing date 11/12/2017

Did you know that there are two municipalities in Castellón where art emerges from the walls?
Wall Art in Fanzara and Torreblanca

Urban art has reached Fanzara and Torreblanca, and their streets have been filled with colourful graffiti. In both municipalities, streets act as galleries and facades are canvases.


It is quite a sight to be able to walk through their streets and admire these public outdoor museums. Contemporary artists have come together to turn the walls of Fanzara and Torreblanca into actual works of art.


In Fanzara, the MIAU Association (Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano - Unfinished Museum of Urban Art) has been formed, an outdoor museum project to promote art, cultural activities, critical thinking, and art linked to the habitat and the rural environment. After more than three years and through its urban art, Fanzara has become a benchmark of international urban art. Both neighbours and visitors can get a map with the locations of all the murals so that nobody is lost.


Well-known names of Spanish street art such as Hombrelópez, Escif, Thiago Goms, or Julieya Xlf have left their signature on the façades of Fanzara. Soon, the Valencian artists PichiAvo will have fifteen days to produce an artwork of 600 square meters inspired by the Fallas and Greco-Roman sculptures. This work aims to draw attention to the potential of this Fallera City and its artists so that Valencians and tourists enjoy this unique cultural district.


In Torreblanca, a year and a half ago, the Cítric contest began. The event has already produced seven interventions, all collaborative, in different walls of the urban area of ​​the municipality, with well-known artists such as Spok y San, who left their mark on the walls. Cítric promotes neomuralism through the collaboration of two different artists from the national scene, who mix their ideas and styles to create a mural that unites their concerns.


The neighbours of Torreblanca can donate a wall or an exterior space of their house to be painted, and turn it into an artwork. In this way, the municipality is getting filled with colour and life, as many visitors come to Torreblanca curious to discover their public art.


Now, the neighbours of both municipalities have become the tour guides of this museum that catches the attention of people from all over the world, since they know the artists and have seen them work for days to create these public works of art.

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